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Lonn in the ShopLONN ELLETSON is a self-taught, innovative artist who is not bound by convention, but influenced by the craft and artistry of blacksmithing traditions in the old west.

“My artistic passion has always been sustained by the desire to offer works of art that are functional, unique in design, competitively priced, and of exceptional quality. I try to design exciting new products that promote interest and a positive response from my devoted clientele acquired over the past thirty plus years.”

Examples of unique materials he utilizes in creating many one-of-a-kind art pieces include antique barbed wire and century-old lumber salvaged from a retired Arizona gold mine, both dating back to the 1800’s. From these materials and other metals, Lonn designs and creates hand-forged large-scale barbed wire home and garden decor and truck accessories in addition to antique barbed wire crosses and nests.Cave Creek Designs’ western roots run deep from the old time blacksmithing tools and techniques used to produce our products to the history of the location and culture we come from. Cave Creek Designs is located in the town of Cave Creek, Arizona, which is nestled in the rugged yet scenic desert foothills north of Phoenix and Scottsdale – the epitome of the old west.   Creating distinctive western metal designs since 1986, Cave Creek Designs has grown into one of the premier websites for western, ranch, lodge, and rustic designs.  Proudly made in the USA… because it matters!Lonn has been involved as a designer and craftsman from an early age. “I do not remember a time when I wasn’t interested in creative pursuits.” In high school, Lonn excelled in shop classes and built cars and sand rails from the ground up in his free time. His background includes studies in mechanical engineering, architectural design and business administration at Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona in Tucson. Since the mid 80s, Lonn has developed a style that is both innovative in design and specializes in blacksmithing techniques, sculpting, and utilizing specific oxidizing and patina processes.

His early successes in local art shows paved the way for opportunities to exhibit in many “Top 200” art shows nationwide, having been honored on numerous occasions with “Best of Show” and “Best Booth” awards.


For more information about our products, you may contact us via our Contact Us page or call us at 480-734-7250.

Customers may place orders with Cave Creek Designs through our online store 24 hours a day. Or fax an order to 480-659-5448.

We thank you for shopping with us and encourage you to return periodically to check out our website for new products, special offers or closeouts.